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Consignment & Buyout

How to submit a consignment/buy out request?
1.Share with us.

Complete the form below with as much detail as possible.

Your Name:
Contact Email:
Contact No.:
Title of the item:
Artist/M akern
Item Location:
Retail Price:
What does it come with:
(e.g. Be@rbrick 1000% Consignment):
             - Colored box yes/no:
             - Shipping box yes/no:
             - Styrofoam yes/no:
             - Receipt yes/no:
Together with 2-10 images of the property including front and back and artist / maker signatures or
marks, email the form above to

2.0ur specialists will review your submission and we will do our best to respond to you within 3
business days.

3. Consignment payout/buy out quote range will then be provided. Price quoted will be the amount
consignor can expect to take back.

4. Upon agreeable pay out/buy out price, consignor may schedule an appointment with us to drop-off
your item(s) at our showroom located at

5.Item(s) will go through stringent authenticity check and condition evaluation to finalize the
pay out/buy out rate. Upon agreement, an invoice will be issued and item will be sent for photo-taking
before uploading onto our platform which generally takes between 2- working days to get it listed up
at a marked-up price from our quotation. We will not be deducting our fees from the price we have
quoted you.

6. Your consigned item(s) is required to stay with us for a minimum of 30 days to sell. If you wish to
take back your item(s) before the timeframe, there will be a 100 SGD fee imposed for collection for
all early withdrawals. After the 30-day timeframe, you may continue to leave your item(s) under
consignment or choose to take back your item(s) at any time at no additional charge.

7. In any case of a need for price reduction or adjustment (only if it affects your pay out rate), we will
seek for your consent.

8. Do not attempt to send in illegal counterfeit products. In any case if item(s) is deemed unclear in
authenticity or non-authentic after further inspection, consignor will need to self-collect item from our
showroom with a fee of 50 SGD as part of the administrative and authentication fees.
9. Once consigned item(s) is confirmed as sold, we will get in touch with you and process the pay out
within 1-4 working days via cheque or bank transfer.